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Printmaking, Woodcuts, and Other Artwork

Noosh! Studios is where you can find the work of Chris Noosh!, an Atlanta-based printmaker. Chris specializes in 100% handmade woodcuts and hopes people smile while viewing his playful art.

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Visit the Noosh! Studios online shop to find an expressive piece that’s perfect for a friend, a loved one, or even yourself!

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Letterpress Events

Chris can bring his letterpress equipment to your live event to make art with guests in real time. This interactive opportunity allows your guests to get a hands-on experience they’ll never forget and to take home a beautiful work of art they made to commemorate the moment.

Collaborate with Noosh! Studios to create a one-of-a-kind block or choose from a growing library of blocks to find the perfect image to print, using one of Noosh! Studios’ antique letterpresses.

Chris Noosh! at a letterpress event


Chris is available to pass down his years of printmaking experience to others in educational workshop settings.

Covering Printmaking Concepts Such as…

  • Designing a Block

  • Carving a Block

  • Using a Press

  • Pulling a Print

  • Finding Artistic Inspiration

Workshops are designed for ages 10 and up!


Hand-Carved Woodcuts

The possibilities are endless with a custom woodcut. Noosh! Studios can create a 100% handmade woodcut for you to bring your idea to life, commemorate a family pet, and more. With brilliant colors and amusing designs, Noosh!’s custom woodcuts make great gifts and can complement any room.

  • 100% Handmade

  • Customized Artwork

  • Built with Quality

Hand-Printed T-Shirts

Noosh! Studios can create a T-shirt design just for you. Chris’ T-shirts are hand-printed from a hand-carved block, so they are truly unlike any other option out there!

  • Hand-Carved Designs

  • Hand-Printed T-Shirts

  • Soft and Comfortable


About Noosh!

Chris Noosh! is a lifelong artist with a love for printmaking and woodcuts. Starting Noosh! Studios over a decade ago has been fulfilling for Chris, but seeing how his art makes a positive difference in the world has been even more rewarding.

Since graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Kennesaw State University, Chris has expressed himself through his upbeat visual style that’s saturated with lovable animals and humorous designs.

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Don’t miss out on getting your very own piece of art by Noosh! Studios. Check out the Noosh! Studios online store to find one-of-a-kind artwork that will make you smile!