About Noosh!

Hey! I’m Noosh!, an Atlanta printmaker and woodcut artist. My first name is Chris and my last name is Neuenschwander; Noosh! is easier to say. I love putting smiles on faces by creating amusing designs out of wood. I live in Marietta with my wife Paige. We have a cat named Mardi and a dog named Bee. I graduated from Kennesaw State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, concentrating in printmaking, drawing, and painting. I love all kinds of animals, spending time outdoors, and running.

My Process

I am a relief printmaker. That means I carve designs out of wood, roll them up with ink, and with the help of my handy dandy press, I transfer the ink from the carved block onto wood, paper, a T-shirt, or anything else I can fit through my press. Sometimes instead of printing the blocks, I’ll paint them and create a unique one of a kind piece of art, never to be printed!

My Passion

Carving, printing, painting, and creating make me happy! So I create happy things to make other people happy too! I enjoy finding interesting shapes, funny expressions, and showing animals doing fun things for all to enjoy! Repetition intrigues me. I like patterns, and textures and enjoy the challenge of expressing that within the rules and confines of woodcut printmaking.

Where Can You Find Me?

You can find me at festivals, gallery openings, and events. Feel free to come and visit me at one of my upcoming events. I’m working on new pieces every day, so you can also check out my Instagram or Facebook page to see what I’m working on and to check out my process.

Nice to meet you!

Chris Noosh! Signature