Woodcut Commissions

Personalized Woodcuts by Noosh! Studios

Noosh! Studios creates original hand-carved pieces of art that are marked with bold colors, fun designs, and professional craftsmanship. Give a gift to be remembered, commemorate a family pet, or get a personalized conversation piece that will complement any room.

  • 100% Handmade

  • Customized Artwork

Bold Designs, Lasting Quality

Noosh!’s woodcuts are high quality works of art that are carved from Baltic birch, painted on all sides, and equipped with hanging hardware for easy installation.

Specially Made Woodcuts

Surprise your loved one or treat yourself with a handmade woodcut from Noosh! Studios. A Noosh! carving makes for a memorable holiday gift, an amazing birthday present, or a one-of-a-kind work of art fit for just about any occasion! These authentic pieces are beaming with personality, and kids as well as adults of all ages love them.


All pricing is based on size and is measured in the largest direction.

For more elaborate ideas or larger pieces, please contact Chris for an estimate.

All prices include shipping within the United States

  • 12″ — $330

  • 14″ — $390

  • 16″ — $455

  • 18″ — $540

  • 20″ — $630

  • 22″ — $730

  • 24″ — $845

Please allow at least a month to complete. May take longer.

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