T-Shirt Commissions

Custom T-Shirts by Noosh! Studios

Noosh! Studios can make you a T-shirt not found on store shelves. Whether as a gift or just because, custom T-shirts by Noosh! Studios will certainly give you a look all of your own. Chris can design and carve a unique block just for you!

  • Hand-Carved Designs

  • Hand-Printed T-Shirts

  • Soft and Comfortable

Hand-Carved Designs

Noosh! can design one of his unique hand-carved woodblocks based on your request, and print it on a T-shirt! Once the block is designed with your input and approval, Chris will begin the carving. Once the carving is complete, Noosh! will print T-shirts of any size and color out of his available stock and ship them to your door anywhere.

Style Meets Quality

Noosh! prints on soft and comfortable T-shirts while also ensuring each print is inked cleanly, clearly, and consistently. Having printed thousands of T-shirts over the years, Chris will print yours with skilled hands so you can wear the shirt proudly wherever you go.


Block Design and Carve: $300 (in addition to the price per T-shirt)

  • 1–10 T-shirts — $20/T-shirt

  • 11–19 T-shirts — $18/T-shirt

  • 20–40 T-shirts — $16/T-shirt

  • 41–74 T-shirts — $14/T-shirt

  • 75+ T-shirts — $12/T-shirt

*Prices apply to each new T-shirt order individually.

The carved block will remain property of Noosh! Studios.

Noosh! Studios maintains all rights to the image created.

Shipping fees will be added per order.

Additional shipping fees applied to all international orders.

A $50 rush fee may be added to any order needed within 21 days.

Minimum $500 order to carve the block.

Noosh! Studios does NOT sell hand-carved blocks for others to print.

Make Your Request

Commissioning custom T-shirts from Noosh! Studios is simple! To get the process started, all you need to do is to fill out the contact form below.


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